iPhone Glitch Lets People Listen to Others FaceTime Calls
The Times Of India
Feb 8, 2019

A glitch in the iPhone FaceTime App allows people to listen in to others FaceTime call, even if they have not answered the phone.

On 28 January 2019, a news site called 9to5Mac reported a problem with the Facetime App on the iPhone. Many social media users were very worried about this problem.

When an iPhone user makes a Facetime call to another iPhone user, he will be able to listen in to that person’s conversation, even if that person has not answered the call. The person is able to listen to the conversation through the recipients microphone. This is only for Facetime calls.

The person is able to see everything through the recipients front facing iPhone camera. Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo said told all the Facetime users to uninstall the App from their phone. He called this is an invasion of privacy.

On 28 January Apple said that the company the Group Facetime feature in the Facetime app was causing the trouble. The company has now disabled this feature.

They said that they will fix the problem by releasing a software update this week.