Indian Students Arrested for Visa Fraud in U.S
The Hindu
Feb 11, 2019

Indian students arrested in fake university racket in Michigan, America.

The Department of Homeland Security [DHS] in America conducted a sting operation, and arrested 130 students who attended the. Most of these students are Indians. Farmington University was a fake university in Michigan. This university had no classes, no teachers, very low tuition fees and gave work permits to students on the first day of enrolment. The tuition fees were as low as $2,500-$10,000 compared to normal the normal fees of $36,000.

Around 600 students attended this university and a majority of the students of the university were from India. Students would pay to attend the university which would help them to apply for a the F-1 visa which is an education visa as well as a work permit.

These students knew that they were committing a crime. The DHS arrested 8 Indians who were involved in this racket.

The American government is keeping a close watch on all the Indian students studying there. The Indian Embassy has opened a 24/7 hotline to help the Indian students in America.