Indian-Origin UK MP Slam UK PM
India Today
Sep 6, 2019

Indian Origin British member of parliament has slammed UK PM Boris Johnson fort his racists remarks towards Muslim women.

Newly elected United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is facing many problems from the public. In a 2018 newspaper column, Johnson had made some very racist comments. The British prime minister had said that Muslim women who wear burqas look like "letterboxes and bank robbers".In response to these comments Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, a UK MP of Indian origin gave strong speech to the PM. Dhesi is the first turbaned Sikh MP elected to the UK House of Commons.In his speech he said that, “ If a person decides to wear a turban, or if someone decides to wear a cross or a hijab, it doesn’t mean that anyone in the government has the right to say racist and divisive comments.


He said that for years Sikh people were called names such as towel head’ or Taliban’. Many people would make fun of their beard and their turbans. This is why he understands the hurt and pain Muslim women feel when they are described as bank robbers and letterboxes. Dheshi also criticised Boris Johnson for fanning Islamophobia in the country. A recent report found that hate crimes against Muslims increased a lot in 2018. The increase came after Johnson's Islamophobic comments. The report also said that most of the time such crimes are against Muslim women who wear burqas. 


Dheshi said that the PM is doing nothing to control crimes against muslims. Dhesi's passionate speech was met with loud claps and cheers. However, Boris Johnson defended his comment and called it freedom of expression. He behaved as if it was not a big deal and completely ignored Dhesi.