Father, Baby Drown Trying to Cross the Border
The Times Of India
Jul 2, 2019

The stringent immigration laws at the US-Mexican border has led to the unfortunate death of a 25-year-old father and his 2-year-old daughter. The family from El Salvador, were trying to enter the US b

The immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border has always been a tragedy. Thousands die every year trying to cross the deserts, rivers to cross he American border for a better life. New pictures showing a father and daughter face down in the water dead due to drowning has shaken the US. A young family from El Salvador, South America were trying to cross the mexican American border for a better life. 25-year-old father Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez  his wife Tania Alvaros and their 23-month daughter Valeria trying to cross the border by crossing a bridge into the US. 

The bridge was closed for a few days, so they found another way to cross the border. They found a way through a river that seemed shallow. So they decided to try and swim across it. Ramirez put his daughter on his back under his T-shirt and started to walk across the river with his wife, Tania Alvaros behind him. As they crossed the river, the current became stronger and Ramirez was struggling. His wife saw that he was getting tired and decided to go back. Ramirez reached the bank and put his daughter safely down. When he turned around to get his wife, his daughter jumped into the water. Ramirez was able to grab Valeria, but the current swept them both away.

His wife got lucky and turned back in time making it back to the shore, but when she turned around to look for her husband and daughter she saw them sink into the water and disappear down the river. She alerted the police on the Mexican side of the border and they started a search and rescue mission. A day later they found the bodies of the father and daughter faces down in the water on the side of the river. They had their arms around each other and had died from drowning.