Fake Review Groups on Facebook
Mumbai Mirror
Aug 13, 2019

There has been an increase in fake review groups on Facebook that mislead customers into buying poor quality products.

On Facebook there are many review groups. These groups review products products sold on Amazon. The reviews tell whether a product's quality is good or not, whether it is worth the price and also display’s pictures of what the product looks like. This may seem like a very good thing, if you like to do online shopping. However there is one problem. The reviews on all these groups are fake. These groups recruit people post fake positive reviews of products. The people are then paid in cash or they are given free gifts. 

Groups do this so that by looking at positive reviews, customers buy the product and sales increase. Facebook review groups post  3,511 fake reviews in a day and in a month they post more than 50,000 posts. A survey found that, before buying anything online more than 90% of the people, go online and look for reviews. These groups take advantage of this and work with companies that sell products on Amazon. When a person sees positive reviews, they end up wasting money on unsafe and bad quality products. 

Facebook was repeatedly told to remove these groups but the groups are still there and spreading lies. Similarly, even Ebay has a big problem of fake reviews under their product. So the next time you shop online, be careful of the reviews and think twice  before you purchase anything.