Eiffel Tower Climber Arrested After Causing Evacuation
May 22, 2019

Man climbs the Eiffel Tower causing evacuation. Police have arrested him but do not know why he did it.

The Eiffel Tower which was built in 1989 and stands over 1,000 feet tall. Many people have tried to climb the tower. A man has been arrested for climbing the Eiffel Tower and staying on there for nearly 6 hours causing a mass evacuation of the surrounding area and some of the lower levels of the tower, but some tourists were left stranded on the top floors as the tower was shut down for the emergency personal to safely capture the man who did not have any safety equipment or ropes.

The police have arrested the individual but have not released his motivations or reasons for climbing the tower, this is not the first time someone has tried climbing the top of the tower. Many people have tried before. In 2012 a British man climbed to the top and jumped to his death. Rouge climbers are an issue for the Eiffel Tower with several people trying to free climb to the top for bragging rights.