Dhoni Could Become Guest Commentator
Nov 7, 2019

MS Dhoni after the World Cup will now participate in the India Bangladesh Test match as the commentator.

Former Captain, wicket-keeper and superb batsman MS Dhoni has not participated in match after the 2019 World Cup.However, he may participate in India's second Test match against  Bangladesh at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. But this time he will return in an unexpected role.Many say that Dhoni could be a guest commentator at the match. 

India and Bangladesh are set to play their maiden Day/Night Test Match at the Eden Gardens. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly for the Day-Night Test has proposed a plan to Star. 

He has said that all former captains of the Indian cricket team will be invited for the first two test matches.They will be asked to share their favourite moments from India's Test history.So Maybe Dhoni will also come for commentary