Complete Ban on Hookah Affects Restaurants
Mumbai Mirror
Nov 28, 2018

Restaurant files a petition challenging the State Governments blanket ban on hookah.

The Kamala mills fire tragedy in 2017, was the reason why the State Government completely banned hookah parlours. The Maharashtra government changed a few sections of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act,2003 (COTPA).

This law does not allow anybody to own hookah parlours or serve hookah in restaurants. According to the government doing so would help prevent  minors and college students from indulging in such activities.

A restaurant tried to fight this ban by filling a petition against the state government in the high court. They feel that the fire at Kamala Mills was not totally because of hookah but also because of inadequate safety measures. The law says that they put some restrictions but can not completely ban it.

In 2010 , the BMC had completely banned the use of cigarettes, bidis and hookah. This ban was struck down by the Supreme Court.

The High court has reviewed this petition and sent a notice to the Maharashtra State Government. The case is still going on and decision has been made yet. Only time will tell the future of hookah parlours.