AAPL Solutions: Article Published in Rwanda's Hope Magazine
Hope Magazine
Mar 13, 2019

Rwanda’s Hope Magazine published an article lauding AAPL Solutions work in the African continent. The company supplies packaging solutions and laboratory needs to food, alcohol and pharmaceutical comp

Recently an article was published in Rwanda’s Hope Magazine on Nimesh Dhotre BDM & representative of AAPL Solutions for Rwanda. The magazine spoke about AAPL Solutions association with various companies in the african continent.

AAPL Solutions has over thirty years of experience in providing packaging solutions and laboratory needs for food, alcoholic beverages and pharmaceutical industries worldwide, AAPL SOLUTIONS currently offers large and medium-sized companies with packaging products conforming to international quality specifications.

The packaging company also provides glass bottles matching the INTERNATIONAL standards. Their products are designed to comply with product, packaging and environmental laws and regulations,”

AAPL also supplies raw materials for the manufacturing of medicines. All of AAPL Solutions products are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified.