70% of Venice Submerged Under Floods
Nov 20, 2019

The beautiful city of Venice is grappling with severe problems due to being submerged in floods.

Venice is the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region.This is a very famous place. An interesting fact about this
place is that there are no road.The city is connected via canals , which is why it is known as the floating city and
city of canals. On sunday 17th November there was a flood in Venice. 70% city drowned because of this flood ,It
is the third major tide in one week. Stores and museums were closed. The main tide that caused the flood was
5 ft in height.
After 1966 this is the 2nd worst flood in the history of venice. Due to the Combination of high tides and over
flowing rivers, the height of the water in the canal reached 194cm. Because of the flood thousands of people
lost their homes and the damage expensive artwork. The loss was more than $ 6 million.Because of the flood
the questions came up about the city's MOSE flood defense project. This project was related to manage the
canals and avoid flooding.
Even after 16 years of construction and € 5 billion the project still has not started. It was supposed to be
ready by 2011.The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that Italy has suffered a big loss due
to the floods in Venice. The floods have caused severe damage and affected tourism as well.