Hard Work Pays in Gold
Apr 29, 2020

A moral story about the secret to earning riches in life.

One Day, a widow was walking on the road with her two children.

The mother and children were begging for money and help. 

On the way, they met a merchant. The widow begged the merchant for food and money. 

The merchant said, “Send your children to me. I will teach them to turn wood into gold.”

The widow thought that the merchant was joking. 

Still, she thought of sending her children with the merchant. In a few months, the merchant taught the children to make furniture out of wood.

The boys started their work in making wooden furniture and earning money by selling it.

After a few years of hard work, they became rich.

Thus, the merchant taught the boys how to turn wood into gold (money)

Moral: Hard work and Skill are important to earn money which is like gold (precious)