Tips to Work From Home
Jun 7, 2020

Working from home is not as simple and delightful as it may seem. Watch our latest Health & Lifestyle video for tips to be the most productive during the lockdown.

Due to the lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus, many companies are working online with their staff working from home. When you hear’ working from home’, you feel it is simple and maybe delightful, but really it is not so easy. To Work from Home, a lot of commitment, drive and discipline is needed. Only then your work will be productive. 

1. Follow a Routine: 

Following a routine is the most crucial if you want to give your best to work. This helps you maintain work and life balance. It prevents your productivity from dropping. Also since you are not commuting (travelling) to work, you may use the extra time to do relaxing yoga or breathing exercises to freshen up your mind before you sit down to work.

2. Dress Up for Work: 

Get dressed for work like you do while going to the office. It helps prepare (ready) your mind and also keeps you motivated. According to experts, dressing up for work keeps reminding you of the fact that even though you are at home, you need to work. It keeps your interest continued in your work and also enhances (increases) productivity.

3. Designate a Workplace: 

Designate (decide / fix) a suitable (perfect) workplace to be able to focus on work. It is hard to get out of the bed, but if you remain in the bedroom, you will feel tired and lethargic. A dedicated (fixed) work area will keep you motivated and help you maintain good posture.

4. Take Breaks 

It is important to loosen yourself and take short breaks from time to time. Just like the body, the brain also gets tired and needs rest. Taking frequent breaks improves productivity.

5. Connect with Your Teammates: 

Call and talk to your colleagues and team. If you have any problems share with them, so they can motivate you.