Now Turn Your Body into a Tree after Death
The mirror
Jul 26, 2020

A very bizarre alternative to burial and cremations has started in Italy. Watch our latest video to learn about this unique concept.

A very bizarre alternative to burial and cremations has started in Italy. Now you can turn your body into a tree after you die. Isn’t that interesting? The name of the initiative is the Capsula Mundi Project and was the brainchild of designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Btretzel. The two designers want to ‘Redesign the Coffin’. Nowadays, there is a shortage of burial plots. Instead they believe that all humans are made of nature, earth. Once we die we go back to the earth, soil. This is why they came up with the idea of burning the body in a pod and growing a tree from it. In this project, when a person dies, the person’s body will be placed in a pod which is completely natural. 

The body will be in foetal position and then will be buried in the ground. Then a seed or a sapling will be planted directly above the ground. As the roots grow down, the tree will use the nutrients that emerge from the dead body buried under it. You can choose the type of tree you want and your friends and family can come visit for generations. This project is still in ‘Start up Phase’. The designers are still to get legal permissions to go ahead in Italy and other countries. According to them nowadays when you go to a cemetery, it is cold and grey. Through this project, cemeteries will now be full of vibrant greenery and this will be very good for nature as well. Nature lover and Nutrition Expert David Wolfe said, “This is a very good idea. Imagine taking your children for a picnic next to a tree that grew from your great-grandmother.”