4th Day of Diwali : Hindu New Year
Oct 28, 2019

A very happy new year to everyone. Before you begin this new year watch our video to learn the true meaning of Diwali and start your new with the right morals.

We become busy in shopping, beautifying our houses and forget what was the real meaning of festivals. Our aim behind releasing such videos is so we are all aware about the real meaning of festivals. So when we celebrate we can include good values in our lives. Today is the fourth day of Diwali and today many celebrate Govardhan Puja. Now let me tell you a story as to why people perform Govardhan Puja.

Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood in Braj near Vrindavan. There was a Mountain called Govardhan in the middle of Braj.  People living there would pay to lord Indra the God of rain and storm.  They would pray to Indra to thank him for the rain. 

Krishna did not like this. He said that the Govardhan mountain gives the villagers all natural resources. Because of Govardhan mountain villagers are living a happy life. Krishna, even though was younger than almost everyone in the city, was respected by everyone due to his knowledge and power. So, the people of Gokul agreed with Shri Krishna's advice and prayed to Govardhan mountain. 

Indra got angry with this advice. Indra decided to start heavy rains and thunderstorms. To protect the people from the rains, Shri Krishna lifted the Govardhan mount on his little finger and provided shelter to all the people and cattle of the city. After 7–8 days of continuous storms, seeing the people of Gokul being unaffected, Indra accepted defeat and stopped the storms. 

This is why till today, people make offer prasad to Lord Lrishna and place it in the form of a hill to resemble the Govardhan mountain. While the first three days of Diwali are to pray for wealth today is the day to offer thanks for Krishna’s love and help. 

The fourth day of Diwali is also known as ‘Padwa’. Padwa means New Year. This is because today is the first day of the New Year according to the Hindu Calender. When you wear new clothes and spend time with your friends and family, remember to spread positivity. Have an aim in life and work for it this new year!