Woman Shames Girls by Saying You Should Be Raped

In a mall in Gurgaon, a woman tells young girls that they should be raped for being “indecently” dressed. She also asks the men standing close by, to rape girls if they see them wearing revealing clot

In a video viral on social media, we see a middle aged woman telling a group of young girls that their clothing was inappropriate. When the girls asked her about what she meant, she went on to say that the girls were provoking men, and they deserve to be raped.She also asked the men standing around to rape those girls. In the video, the girl named Shivani, asked the woman, named Soma, to apologize, but Soma continuously refuses to apologise. When the girls asked her to repeat what she said, she said that she didn’t want to talk to them. One of Shivani’s friends then tells Soma that she would make her life a living hell if she did not apologise.They even threatened the lady to make the video viral.

Another woman in the shop said that she was a mother of two daughters. She wouldn’t mind her daughters wearing a swimming costume and walking down the street. She told Soma that the girls could wear whatever they want, and that she has no right to tell them anything. She also asked Soma to apologise, but Soma refused. In the video, Soma continued to say that if they wanted to be raped, all women should continue to wear short dresses, or roam about naked.  She is also seen asking the parents to control their children.

Shivani, who lives in Gurgaon, said that she would lodge a police complaint against the woman (Soma) who provoked men to rape her. She said that many people have supported her on social media, but along with the support, she has also recieved some rape threats. Later on, Soma Chakrabarty, unconditionally apologised to the girls on Instagram, and said that her statements were conservative and backward, but instead they should’ve been protective and progressive.