Superhero Caught on Camera Catches a 2-Year-Old

A man from China is considered a “hero” for catching a falling two-year-old girl who had felt out of the window of her flat on the fifth floor.

In today's era, the Internet is flooded with a lot of videos from around the world.However, one such video which is now going viral has surfaced from China and is winning everyone's heart on the internet.

A man from China is being considered a “hero” for catching a falling two-year-old girl who had fallen out of the window of her flat on the fifth floor. The incident took place in Tongxiang in the Zhejiang area of China on Tuesday 19th July. CCTV Footage of the heroic rescue has been shared on Twitter by China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian. “Heroes among us,” the government official wrote while sharing the short clip. The video shows the man running towards a building with a woman while speaking on the phone. 

Within seconds, he is seen throwing his phone on the ground and extending his hands upwards to catch the falling baby girl. The clip captured the moment the man caught the girl before she hit the ground which saved her life. Since being posted, the video has gained more than 139,000 likes. People have reshared the video saying “Real heroes exist in the world not just in movies,” wrote one user. “Legendary catch! Give those two people a medal,” added another. 

According to South China Morning Post(SCMP), the man in the video is identified as 31-year-old Shen Dong, who heard a loud sound caused by the two-year-old girl landing on the steel roofing on the first-floor terrace of a housing complex after falling four floors out the window. The little girl then slipped from the edge of the terrace but thankfully Mr. Dong caught the girl before she landed on the ground. The kid was taken to the hospital following the incident. As per SCMP, she injured her legs and lungs but she is now in a stable and safe condition. While talking about the incident the 31-year-old man said that he cannot remember the details and cannot remember if his arms hurt or anything. It was just his instinct to reach out to her. He also added that the child survived because the terrace she fell onto included steel roofing material, which softened the fall.  

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