RDAA Alumni Donate 4 Mobiles To Deaf Students to Study Online

The RDAA Alumni association donates mobile phones to 4 children in Kerala in order to ensure they continue with their virtual classes.

In Kerala's Kozhikode, there is a school named Rahmaniya Higher Secondary For Handicapped Medical college. They have a school for the Blind and a school for the Deaf. It was founded in 1974 and has been operational ever since. After passing out of the Deaf school, the students did not lose touch and formed their own association named RDAA. The students are also known as 'Alumni' and formed the association to remember their school days. RDAA's President is Biju and General Secretary is Abdul Gafoor A K. The Deaf students are unable to go to school because of the coronavirus pandemic & lockdown. Children have to remain at home. You are aware of this. The Deaf children are very interested but the problem is the virtual class/ZOOM. Deaf students did not have mobiles and were desperate to study. The Principal then approached Abdul Gafoor AK as he was an alumnus. After a discussion, Abdul approached the RDAA board members and the other alumni. They wholeheartedly agreed to support their school.

Donations were collected and 4 mobile phones were purchased. These were then given to 4 Deaf students of the school. The Deaf students were overjoyed on receiving the phones and so were their parents. The RDAA board members and the other Alumni were very happy to support their school and its students by donating mobiles to ensure the students can continue their virtual classes. This is the first time mobile phones were given to Deaf students in Kerala.