Rajasthan CM Gehlot Orders CBI inquiry In Deaf Rape Case

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot asked the Central Bureau of Investigation to take up the Deaf girl’s rape case.

ISH News had earlier released news about a Deaf girl who was thrown at the side of the road and was bleeding profusely on 11th January. Medical examination indicated injuries around her private parts. This is why a case was registered under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012). A case of rape and assault causing grievous injury was also registered. Requiring marathon surgeries, the government immediately sanctioned Rs 3.5 lakh in her name. Later, however, the police said that after going through the reports they found that there was no sexual penetration which is why the police feel it is not a case of rape as there was no sex. They say, according to CCTV footage, she is seen walking towards the flyover but there is nothing. Then she must have walked some more because she was found 300 metres from that spot and was seriously injured. On January 18, police sources said that they suspect that a food delivery rider’s two-wheeler hit her from behind. But given her injuries, they are awaiting medical reports. 


The girl’s family members and women activists are demanding a detailed investigation. They want the police to probe if the girl was assaulted elsewhere and dumped there. One family member alleges the girl in the CCTV footage is not their daughter as she couldn’t walk that fast. Doubts have also been raised over medical reports, with a demand that an independent medical board look into it and sign language experts be hired to communicate with the deaf and mute minor. This created a huge political drama in the state. Congress is in power in Rajasthan. Opposition parties like the BJP and others attacked the Congress government on its failure to maintain law and order in the state and prevent crime against women and children.


Currently, Ashok Gehlot is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and he is also the Home Minister of Rajasthan. Since he is the home minister he is directly responsible for the police and to maintain law and order. The case of the Deaf girl is being investigated by the police. No arrests have been in the case. People were demanding Gehlot take some strict action. Gehlot has now asked for the CBI to take up the investigation, it is up to the central agency to accept or reject his request. Until then, Alwar police will continue with the investigation. This is not the first time Gehlot is doing this. Every time there is rape, murder or any crime, which leads to political drama, then Gehlot always hands the case over to the CBI. M.L. Lather, the director-general of police in Rajasthan said, that the police had no reason to hide anything and would be more than happy if the CBI could come up with something more than what his cops have been able to.