Mob Deface Temple After Parking Dispute

A dispute over a parking spot in the Chawri Bazar area of Old Delhi. This dispute quickly escalated and led to the vandalism of a temple.

A dispute over a parking spot in the Chawri Bazar area of Old Delhi. A 20-year-old businessman Aas Mohammad was parking his scooter outside a building. Resident of the building Sanjeev Gupta objected saying he owned a food cart that parks there. According to Mr Gupta’s wife, Mohammad left and returned with more men and beat Mr.Gupta. However, another resident said Mr Gupta threatened to burn the scooter if he did not move it. This disputes caused riots and the vandalising of a temple. More than 1,000 police and paramilitary personnel with riot gear were deployed. 

The resident claim a fight broke out after this and they took Mohammad into a building and beat him up. After this, they went to the police station as there was confusion to the events that occurred. While they were at the police station a group of unknown people gathered around a nearby temple and vandalised it. They damaged the shutter and some idols were slightly defaced. The police filed three cases in total, one based on Mohammad’s statement, another on Gupta’s statement and the third against the unknown persons for rioting.

As a precaution, the local police called in back up and paramilitary personnel to help control the street and the mobs that were growing larger, there was no further violence and all the residents were requested to go back to their daily lives.