Kolkata: Deaf Couple Blackmail Deaf Girl

A Deaf girl was raped and blackmailed by a Deaf couple in Kolkata.


The West Bengal police has arrested a Deaf man and is on the look out for his deaf wife in blackmailing and prostitution cases. A Deaf couple Sanjib Chakraborty and his wife Tania and a group of other Deaf are involved in raping, blackmailing, extortion and forcing the Deaf girls into prostitution. One such girl came forward and lodged a complaint a few days back. Here are the details. A deaf young housewife from Baguiati, West Bengal  is the victim of such a crime. According to police sources, the young woman had gone to Hughli, West Bengal to attend a function for the deaf before her marriage. The financial condition of the young woman was not very good. During the event, a deaf couple, Sanjib Chakraborty and his wife Tania from Khardaha, West Bengal talked to the young woman. They offered to keep the girl with them and give her a job. The deaf woman agreed. The couple then took her to their flat on Khardaha. The young woman was left there to do housework. Sanjib and his wife Tania installed CCTV cameras in the bathroom. The deaf girl working at home went to take a bath in that bathroom. That's when the scene of her bathing was captured on camera. After that Sanjib started showing the footage and blackmailing the girl day after day and raping her. 


Allegedly, the girl was raped by many people. The raped girl could not say anything to anyone. The young woman then married another deaf young man. But Sanjib forced the girl to have sex with another man by blackmailing her even after marriage. Then the young woman was forced to tell the matter to her husband. Then they first want to go to Baguiati police station and lodge a complaint. But the police could not understand them and as a result, their FIR was not taken. Then they went to Khardaha police station. The same problem occurred there. Then the police of Khardaha police station took the help of an interpreter. That's when the real story came out. Then the police took the FIR and the investigation began. Sanjib Chakraborty was arrested. But his wife, Tania, has not yet been arrested. After his arrest, the girl received threatening phone calls to immediately withdraw the FIR.  Even a group of miscreants went to her house to attack her and her family. The girl also complained to the state women's commission. Commission chairperson Leena Gangopadhyay said such crimes are really worrying. The special advantage of this type of crime is that even though the deaf girl went to the police station to lodge a complaint, no action was taken because of communication issues as there was no interpreter and the police were not able to understand. As a result, the investigation came to a halt. Fortunately with the help of an interpreter the story came out.