Government Encroachment in the School for the Deaf

Children protesting the encroachment of Social Welfare offices in a deaf school in delhi.

Committee Member of the National Association of the Deaf Youth Section (NADYS),Mumtaj Haider was at a protest which was organised by a disability rights NGO in support of a deaf school. The name of the school is Lady Noyce Senior school.

The Department of Social Welfare, since 2000 has encroached on the school classrooms which were meant for deaf children. These classrooms have been turned into offices.

For the last 18 years the Social Welfare officers are encroaching the classrooms. Several letters written to the government asking them to vacate were repeatedly ignored. The Number of the Social Workers kept increasing and deaf children kept decreasing.

Many deaf student in Delhi were unable to get admission in the school due to limited space. The location is ideal for the deaf as it is located right near  Feroz Shah Kotla stadium and the India Gate.

The NADYS had written a letter to the Chief Minister of delhi, which was ignored as well. They are determined to remove the Social Welfare offices from the school.

We pray for their success.