Cops Use Social Media to Track Deaf Man

A Deaf man, robs 59 cheques from a bank in Kandivali. He is eventually caught, in Pune.

On Monday, 15th April, a bank at MG Road, Kandivli, reported a theft of 59 cheques. This happened when an employee of the bank, left his desk for a while. He asked a man to watch his desk in his absence. However, this man picked the cheques which were on his desk, and walked away. They were 59 cheques, totalling up to Rs 46,33,594. As soon as the bank realised this, they reported this matter to the police.

The police began their probe into the matter. CCTV cameras helped in identifying the mans face. Later on the police were successful, and the man was identified as Ashok Gadhve. He had come to the bank to ask about the process of opening a bank account. Now, with his name and face, the police used Facebook to identify this man, and get more details.

Eleven accounts with the same name appeared, but the picture of the man's face helped the police to identify him. The police was able to get his phone number through some common connections. Further investigation revealed that Ashok was Deaf. The police then began to track his location, based on his phone number.

The police tracked him down and found him travelling to Pune by bus. On 17th April, at around 5:30 AM, the police followed Ashok to Pune, and caught him at the Rajguru Nagar bus stop. All the missing cheques were found with him. A number of other cases were also reported against Ashok Gadhve from Mumbai and Pune.