JSCD Contributes to Jharkhand’s CM Relief Fund

Jharkhand Sports Council of the Deaf, Jamshedpur has contributed to the Jharkhand Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Watch our latest video for all the details.

In Jharkhand's Jamshedpur, there is a place called 'Tata Nagar' which is well known for steel industries and supplies steel across India. In Tata Nagar, there is a sports association named Jharkhand Sports Council of the Deaf, JSCD. It focuses on sports in Jharkhand. Their President is Samiran Lal. He was also the former Vice President of AISCD. Manish Kr Singh is the General Secretary of JSCD and also the Executive Board Member of AISCD. They encourage sports across India and in Jharkhand.

JSCD's President Mr Lal and General Secretary Mr Singh, on video conference discussed the rising number of Deaf struggling due to the lockdown in Jharkhand. They decided to contribute to Jharkhand's CM relief fund. The President, General Secretary and the Board members all agreed. Also three women from the Jharkhand Women Foundation of the Deaf who were, Nisha la, Manju Kri. Singh & Jyotsna M Waghela.

helped to collect a total of Rs 36,000 from members, Board members, etc. RDAD President Manoj Kumar Waghela approached JSCD for support & JSCD agreed. Remember, RDAD had distributed 150 food packets and JSCD had made a contribution of Rs 5,000 for the same. They did this with the aim of supporting those who are starving.

The balance amount of Rs 31,000 was made into a cheque. JSCD wanted to meet the CM of Jharkhand, but due to his busy schedule they met an IAS officer. However the IAS officer's office was in the Capital city of Ranchi. GS Mr Singh along with team members went and handed the cheque. The aim of the donation is to help eliminate COVID-19. After handing over the cheque, the story was published in the newspaper as well. JSCD and JWFD both worked hard to support the Chief Minister's relief fund. They even supported RDAD to distribute food all with the aim to eliminate COVID-19. We applaud their efforts!