Deaf Chat: Come Meet & Socialise with Deaf Friends in Mumbai!

DAM is organising an event called ‘Deaf Chat’. To know how you can attend it, watch this video!

See this? This is DAM. You all know about this Mumbai based association. DAM had organised 2 programmes earlier. Remember? However in 2020 there was no event due to COVID pandemic and lockdown. Also the government implemented strict restrictions over social gatherings. So video calling was majorly used by the Deaf. They desparately wanted to meet in person, attend programmes, socialise, play games, but they were frustrated with constant video calls. This lasted a long time. 2020 went by, 2021 government put 50% limit on gatherings, and there were so many restrictions, finally now the situation is improving. The Maharashtra government has now allowed all programmes. Amazing! Now that the COVID situation is improving, DAM came up with a idea. Pradeep More & Anand Gollar discussed about having a programme for the Deaf.


Both of them agreed. So they are announcing a good news - "Deaf Chat". This is an event where Deaf individuals can come, socialise and meet each other. This not going to be a lecture. You all can meet and talk to each other and enjoy. Is it only chatting? Deaf leaders are also attending the event. Blind-Deaf individuals are also attending, CODAs are attending, you can meet everyone and share your knowledge. Is that it?

There are also many games for you to enjoy! Timings are: 3:30pm to 8:00pm. The event is on 7th May 2022 in Mulund, Mumbai. So come on! Do you want to know which leaders are attending? Check it out. Did you see that? Are you excited to attend the event and socialise with the Deaf. Then come on! Entry fees is Rs 100. The fees will cover snacks and evening tea. The hall capacity is only 200. So make your payments.

Make sure you do the payments before 30 April 2022. Now how do you contact the organisers. See here this is Nishit Charla. He lives in the Western Railway line.

Those living on the Western Railway line, can contact him for the bookings. This is Himanshu Dhirawani and he lives on the Central Railway Line. Those living on the CR line, can contact him. This is Ketan Maru. Those living on the Harbour Railway Line can contact him. You can talk about payments. Once you book the ticket, attend the DAM Deaf Chat event in Mulund. Are you ready to enjoy! See you there! Cheers!