Kolkata: Hurry Buy Tickets For 83 in ISL!

Tickets for the Kolkata screening of ISL is now open! Watch our latest video for all the details.

Hello Deaf friends in Kolkata! You all desperately wanted to watch 83 in ISL! Well the plan is on now! When is it? See! This is the date. What are the timings? The price? Amazing right! Are you excited! Hurry and buy the tickets! Now whom to contact? Have a look.


Excited? Then come on! Don't wait till the last moment to buy the tickets at the auditorium. Tickets will get sold out and you will be stuck. Quickly book the tickets, so you can enjoy 83 in Let me tell you about the rules. Once you buy the tickets, if you wish to cancel and get a refund from the Deaf person in charge, then it will not be possible. Once you cancel the ticket, ISH will not refund the amount. If you want to exchange your ticket with your friend or anyone else.

Remember ISH will not refund the amount. Do not cancel the tickets. Do not miss it! Come and enjoy watching 83 in ISL! See you there!

Contact us for 83 Tickets:

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