Festival Clin d'Oeil at Reims, France

The Festival Clin d'Oeil a festival for International Arts in Sign Language. This festival will be held from 4th July to 7th July 2019 in Reims, France. The Festival is a presentation of the internati

The Festival Clin d'Oeil is a festival for International Arts in Sign Language created in 2003. It is held every two years at Reims, France. The festival runs mostly in July for four days. Each edition honors a country outside the European Union.In 2017 More than 14500 spectators come from France and from all over the world. This is proof that the festival addressed to all, Deaf as well as hearing. This year the Festival will be held from 4th July to 7th July 2019 and the guest country to be honoured is Canada.

The festival is a co-production between the Deaf Culture Center and the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf. Many Canadian artists will attend the festival and it will be the highlight of the event. The Festival is a presentation of the international Deaf culture accessible to all audiences. David de Keyzer is the artistic director of Festival Clin d'oeil. The aim of the Festival is to discover the diversity and richness of Sign Language through Sign Language theater. It is as well as bilingual. It will also include visual performances such as dance,circus, mime, Street arts, theatre, slam, Visual Vernacular, one-man shows and all forms of artistic expression will also be represented.

Over 4 days, the official programme of the festival proposes a dozen performances in sign language, bilingual and 100% visual.  Over 3 days, the films that are in competition will be screened continuously and end with a ceremony where a prize will be given for each category namely best film, director, actor, actress, animation 3D and best Youth film. Theater street will also be held from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Exhibitions artistic & professionals will set up 60 stands for the enjoyment of the festival attendees. Deaf Party will be held in the evening from 8:00 pm onwards. The festival this year has been given a makeover. The festival will be held in open air with tents. The warm decorations, will bring together all the programmes of the festival.

Everything will be centralised in order to create a welcoming ambience.  Everyone can enjoy a bite to eat and something to drink in the numerous Food trucks and Champagne bars.There is a strong partnership with the FNSF (National Federation of the Deaf of France) with the WFD (World Federation of the Deaf). International Congress of the Deaf will also be held in July! These two events long awaited by the Deaf community will be held almost in a row in July 2019! This is an amazing opportunity to socialise with individuals from around the world and enjoy the Deaf culture.