AICGDEA Hosts 8th Annual General Body Meeting

The AICGDEA is hosting the 8th Annual General Body Meeting in Bhopal from 12th to 15th November. Watch the video for all the exciting details.

The All India Central Government Deaf Employee Association (AICGDEA) is from Hyderabad. It was started in the year 2010. 

This is their President D.R.R. Swamy.  This is the General Secretary S.Murugan. 

There are a total of 19 members on their board. Here have a look at them. The AICGDEA is affiliated to The CCEW which stands for Central Government Employees & Workers which is from New Delhi. 

The Central Government is the Government that has power all over India. It oversees the working of the Army, Navy, Finance, Foreign Affairs, etc.There are many Deaf individuals working in the Central Government. 

The AICGDEA is an Association of these Deaf employees. The aim of the Association is make sure employees are united and provide knowledge. Now the AICGDEA is a hosting a new programme in Bhopal. This programme is organised by Sanjay Soni from Bhopal. He is the Executive Member of MP’s AICGDEA. 

The coordinator of the programme is Sanju Stephen. 

The programme is the 8th Annual General Body Meeting. There will be seminars, workshops and training as well. The programme will be held from 12th to 15th November. 

Smt. R Gayathri from Dept of Personnel & Training, Delhi will present a Lecture. 

The ticket for Members of the AICGDEA IS RS 2,800. It will include food. Stay is not included. You need to pay Rs 2,000 for stay.