5th Global Deaf Cultural Film Festival

The Global Deaf Cultural Film festival was organised for the fifth time and many activities such as cricket, drawing,dance,etc were conducted.

The Global Deaf Cultural Film Festival was conducted on the 2 december 2018 This two day event was attended by 250 deaf individuals from different states. The GDCFF every year organises different events in order to support and encourage deaf talents. This year they organised a cricket match .

For the first time this event was broadcasted live on youtube. There is an app too that helps to keep track of the cricket score.

The founders, Pratibha Suvarna and Jagdish Suvarna  spoke to ISH News representative Vicky Shah. They said that they love to conduct this festival every year. According to them, they like to celebrate different aspects of deaf culture in this festival.

Pratibha Suvarna the President,said that this festival brings so many deaf individuals together and helps them socialise and communicate with each other. They organise different events such as drawing, dance,exhibitions,fashion shows etc. every year.

Mr Alok Kejriwal, the CEO of ISH News was invited to be the chief guest of this event.