Shocking Truth About PACKAGED FOOD | Satvic Movement | ISH News | Educational Video for Kids

ISH News is now making Satvic Movement’s video accessible in Indian Sign Language! Watch our latest video to learn about the Shocking Truth About PACKAGED FOOD!

Immunity is the most powerful asset for children. It helps us fight diseases, makes us strong and helps us to stay healthy forever. But a thief has entered our house! He has come to steal our precious immunity shield. At any cost, WE HAVE TO CATCH THIS THIEF! In this video, we have been given 3 clues to catch this notorious thief. We need YOUR HELP in decoding these clues!

Join us on this journey and save your immunity. Watch this video until the end. We have a gift waiting, especially for you!

This video has a moral story for children about why they should eat healthy food. Learn how living food boosts your immunity while dead food steals it away.


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