Health Benefits of Spiny Gourd - ‘Kantola’

‘Kantola’ is a vegetable found abundantly during the monsoons. Watch our latest video to learn all the health benefits of this seasonal veggie!

Seasonal vegetables are great if you are looking for regular intake of nutrition and still go easy on your pocket. One such vegetable is the spiny gourd which is also known as ‘Kantola’. It has an odd texture that can be spotted on the carts of your vegetable vendor during the monsoon season. The spiky green vegetable makes it naturally unattractive. However, it is not just healthy but also low in calories. It is used as a vegetable in all regions of India and some parts of South Asia. The fruits are cooked with spices or even fried, and sometimes eaten with meat or fish in certain parts of the world.

Here are some health benefits of the vegetable:

As it is usually found during the monsoons, it is helpful in keeping seasonal cough, cold and other allergies at bay. 

It also reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients since it is rich in plant insulin

Kantola contains high amounts of Vitamin C, antioxidants and helps to prevent cancer. 

It helps to keep the skin healthy. 

This vegetable is very useful for easy digestion and eliminates constipation.