Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs are a very nutritious fruit and very beneficial for the body. Check out our latest video for all the details.

Shaped like a teardrop, figs are filled with hundreds of seeds and covered by an edible peel that ranges from green to violet in color.Figs are sweet and have a soft but chewy texture with crunchy seeds. Since figs are delicate they are often dried and eaten later. Before the invention of white sugar, figs were used as natural sweeteners.


Here are the benefits of eating Figs: 


Fresh figs are nutrient-rich fruits that are low in calories, therefore a perfect addition to a healthy diet plan.


They decrease the risk of heart diseases, promote healthy digestion, and regulate your blood sugar levels.


Like every food, figs are healthy as long as consumed in moderation. Eating too many figs can increase your sugar levels. 


Figs are a natural laxative. The fruit is used as a home remedy for constipation. But don't eat too much as it can cause dysentery. 


Figs contain both calcium and potassium, therefore they can make bones strong. Calcium is also crucial for growing children and adolescents as it helps in building strong bones and can advance bone mineral structure. So, figs are equally beneficial for kids and adults.


If you are taking blood-thinning medication for the heart, you should limit the consumption of figs.