Benefits Of An Ice Bath

Ice baths involve submerging the body in a bath of icy cold water. Have a look at the benefits of an ice bath in this video.

You might have seen a lot of people, athletes hop in an ice bath. Even celebrities like Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, etc have posted their photos in an ice bath after their shows. As the name suggests, ice baths involve submerging the body in a bath of icy cold water for a short period of time. Ice baths are not new and have been used since a long time. 

But, What exactly do ice baths do to the body? Let us look at some of the benefits. 

  1. Reduce pain and inflammation - It is like a drug-free anesthesia. It numbs your body so it helps reduce swelling or discomfort from any workout. 

  2. Lower the body temperature - Ice baths can cool your body down very fast. In some cases this can be lifesaving. Historically ice baths have been used to treat conditions like heat stroke. 

  3. May help in focus and meditation - Ice baths help in focusing. People sometimes do this after a workout as meditation, as it helps them focus on recovery and slow their heart rate.

  4. Helps in relaxation and better sleep - It also helps you feel more relaxed after a tough workout. Some people note that it helps them actually sleep better, so after getting hot, sweaty, an ice bath feels amazing. 

  5. Boost Mental Health - Studies suggest that ice baths may improve your mental health since the cold water relieves stress and relaxes the mind. 

  6.  Supports Immunity: Cold water immersion with deep breathing and meditation may support a healthy immune system. 

While ice baths are generally considered safe, they are not recommended for everyone. There are some medical conditions where you should check with your doctor as ice baths can have dangerous effects.  You should also make sure that they are not using ice baths to numb the pain from an injury like if you have a fracture and you’re using an ice bath to push through the pain, that’s a big no-no.