5 Mistakes You May Be Making While Drinking Water| Satvic Movement|ISH News

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On this planet, every animal and bird knows where to drink water from, how much water to drink and when to drink it. So why are we the only ones who are so confused when it comes to drinking water?

Sometimes someone says - "Don't drink 1 glass. Drink 8 glasses"

"Don't drink at night. Drink in the morning"

"Don't use this filter. Use that filter!"

Someone says - "Drink it hot". Someone says - "Drink it at room temperature"

What do you do? But now all your confusion is about to disappear. Because by the end of this video, you'll know everything about water. First we'll understand 5 mistakes that you might be making while drinking water. Along with this, you'll also learn about sun-charged water, which is the best water purifier - Nature's purifier!

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