Xiaomi Earns Rs.23000 Cr in India Within 4 Years
The Times Of India
Nov 29, 2018

A 4 year old company in India, Xiaomi, makes a revenue of Rs.23,000.

The Chinese phone company Xiaomi entered the Indian market nearly four years ago. They have already made a revenue of Rs23,000 Cr. It is India’s fastest growing consumer electronic company.

They are the leaders in the smartphone market and also have a big share in the television market. The company is now planning to sell refrigerators,washing machines,ACs,etc. Xiaomi’s total revenue is more than Sony and Panasonic put together.

The company believes in ‘honest pricing’. They don't believe in keeping a big margin in their selling price to earn a bigger profit.

They are very happy to be working in India and are eager to create products that make the consumers happy.

Xiaomi began business in july 2014. They only made online sales but have now started selling in shops across the country.