WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram down Globally
India Today
Jul 4, 2019

Lakhs of people all over the world were left in a lurch when WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram stopped downloading and posting pictures. The company addressed the situation and has solved the glitch fo

Lakhs of people all over the world as well as in India reported problems on WhatsApp. In many cases were unable to download media such as voice notes, photos and videos in their WhatsApp messages. Only the text messages were going through.  At the same time, Facebook and Instagram too had the same problem. 

On Facebook, many users said that specific posts or photos did not appear, but that the page was loading. On Instagram, people failed to upload photos in various parts of the world. The problem it seems is with Facebook servers, which power all three services.Many people shared their experiences regarding this problem on Twitter.  

Facebook said in a statement confirmed there is a problem with its apps. They said that they are "working as quickly as possible" to fix it. They have given no reason for this problem.Currently the problems seems to have been solved. We will have to wait for further updates from the companies.