What is the IPL ‘Mid-Season Transfer Window’?
The Indian Express
Oct 14, 2020

The 2020 IPL’s ‘Mid-Season Transfer Window’ started on 13th October 2020. Watch our detailed video to learn all about it.

Last year the IPL had started a new initiative, where during the middle of the season teams could give out their players on loan to other teams. This was called the ‘Mid-Season Transfer Window’. Now exactly half of the 2020 IPL is over and all teams have played 7 matches each. The IPL 2020’s ‘Mid-Season Transfer Window’ started from 13th October and it will last for 5 days. This year the IPL has released new rules this year. Teams can give any player on loan - both Indian and overseas – during this window. However, the IPL Governing Council will have to be notified of all transfers. 

Which players are eligible for transfers?

Any player who has played less than two matches. Is eligible to transfer to another team. 

Both the teams will agree on the fee. 50% of the amount will be paid  “within 7 days of registration” and the remaining amount will be paid “within 7 days of the final match of the season”.

Will the loanee have any game restrictions?

When the player transfers to another team he can play with any IPL team. But he can not play with his parent team. 

Is this a permanent transfer? 

No. The transfer applies to the current season only. For example, if Chris Gayle of Kings IX Punjab transfers to Chennai Super Kings this season, then in 2021 IPL Gayle will come back to KIXP. Punjab had just given him on loan to CSK. 

This is a good opportunity for talented players who have not gotten the chance to participate in the matches. With the transfer, they will now have a chance to play cricket. 

Examples of Possible transfers: 

Imran Tahir (CSK) may be recruited by Delhi Capitals. This is because the leg-spinner had 26 wickets in 2019 IPL, but is yet to get a game this season. DC lost the injured Amit Mishra for the season and might be interested in a good bowler for their team. 

Ajinkya Rahane (DC) may be wanted by the CSK. Loan signings usually aren’t part of the CSK culture. But this year, MS Dhoni said that they have been struggling to bat well. Rahane has scored more than 3,800 in the IPL. CSK might be interested in him for his batting skills. 

However, the concept of the transfer window is not new. This happens in football as well. It is very good that the BCCI has tried to do the same in Indian cricket but many say that the transfer window idea will not succeed for cricket. 

Here are 3 reasons why: 

1. A player who has been traveling and training with the team for weeks together will feel uncomfortable in changing loyalties and that is very much human. Even if the player has not played a match thus far would still be emotionally attached to the team and to suddenly change would not be practical for half the season. Unlike in football, where the transfer fees are so high that the player usually falls for it. 

2. A player who has been staying with the team and being a part of team discussions can easily go to the other camp and spill the beans on all the strategies which would be unfair. This is another major reason why the IPL transfer will not be a success.

3. There is no long-term planning behind this and hence the chances of it succeeding are less. Also, if this happens, a team will not be able to form a solid core member which is extremely important in IPL.