Students Forced to Wear Boxes to Curb Cheating
Oct 22, 2019

In a first, A Karnataka college made their students wear cardboard boxes on their head during exams to curb cases of cheating.

Last week a teacher at Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, Karnataka posted a picture of students appearing for their exams on social media. However there was nothing normal about this picture. 

The picture was extremely shocking and went viral. The students who were giving an exam were made to wear cardboard boxes on their heads. The front of the box was cut so that they could see and write.Later it was found that they were first-year science students who were appearing for their Chemistry exams. 

They were made to wear boxes so that they do not copy.  

A member of college management, MB Sateesh Herur, said that they did this to control cheating during exams. They did not do this to harass students. He said it was just for trials and to see the results. The school management took permission from students before they did this.SC Peerjade, Director of the Pre-University (PU)  Board In Karnataka rushed to the college when he saw this. He said that, this is inhuman and a normal society will never accept such an idea. I hope this is never repeated again."Many students told Peerjade that the management forced them to wear boxes for the exam. The Board has given a notice to the college and will take strict action against them. There are many ways to control cheating they do not have to do such things.