Spanish Nursing Home Allows Hugs Through Plastic Screen
Jun 28, 2020

Images of senior citizens meeting relatives at a nursing home in Spain have gone viral. Watch our latest video to know about this heartwarming story.

Spain was one of the countries worst hit by COVID-19. Around 28,300 people died due to it. To control the spread of the virus, Spain had implemented very strict rules. Nursing homes - are facilities for the residential care of elderly or disabled people. Nursing homes in Spain also had to follow such strict rules to protect the old people from the dangerous virus. For almost 4 months nobody was allowed to meet the senior citizens living in the nursing home. A man named Pascual Perez was living in a nursing home. His wife was not allowed to meet him for 102 days. Both of them have been married for 59 years and are in their 80s. This was the first time that they had not seen each other for long. Like this, there were many old people living in a nursing home, who were not able to meet family members. This was a very difficult time for them. 

On 22nd June, the Nursing home allowed a few family members to visit the old people. However, social distancing had to be maintained. This is why the nursing home came up with a very unique idea. Between two chairs, they placed a plastic sheet with cutouts for the arms. People were made to wear plastic gloves and put their hands inside the cutout and then they could hug their relatives. When the nursing home allowed visitors, Pascual Perez was the first to first. Both of them wearing masks hugged each other through the plastic sheet and were kissing with their face masks on. The image has gone viral on social media and touched the hearts of many. Many relatives were able to meet their family members like this and were very happy to finally meet them and hug them.