October Power Failure in Mumbai Was A Sabotage
Mumbai Mirror
Nov 29, 2020

According to Mumbai’s cyber crime cell, Mumbai’s power outage was possibly the result of a sabotage attempt involving foreign entities. Watch our latest video to learn more.

A grid failure on 12th October resulted in massive power outage in Mumbai and neighbouring areas, bringing the city, including its local trains, to a halt. It had taken two hours for the power supply to resume for essential services, following which other areas started getting power in a phased manner.An investigation carried out by the state police’s cyber cell has revealed that last month’s power outage in Mumbai happened because some foreign people interfered. The month-long probe detected presence of multiple “suspicious log – ins” into the servers connected with power supply and transmission utilities by accounts operating from Singapore and a few other south Asian countries. The state police investigated to see whether their plan was to attack Mumbai by shutting down the electricity.

Power Minister Nitin Raut on Monday 16th November in a tweet in Marathi said, “The possibility of foul play can’t be denied in the power outage incident of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai”. A source said hackers have been trying to target the country’s power supplying facilities since February. In June, 40,000-plus hacking attacks happened through China. These Chinese hackers used  a special virus to access sensitive data of private and public organisations.