North Korea Execute Envoy For Failed Summit
Jun 3, 2019

North Korea has executed one person and sent 4 more to labour camps, for failing the leader.

A summit between North Korea and the USA was held from 27th-28th February in Hanoi, Vietnam. Both leaders were there to discuss the removal of nuclear weapons from North Korea. The first day of meetings went well, but during the second day the two countries could not come to an agreement on how to remove the weapons.

Kim Hyok Chol helped Kim Jong Un execute the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim. He was executed due to the failure to leave the summit with an agreement. Newspapers said he was executed by firing squad for, “betraying the supreme leader” after he was “won over to the US” during negotiations.

Kim Jong Un’s interpreter failed to translate Kim’s new proposal after Trump sad there would be “no deal.” She was sent to a prison camp for this mistake. Four other foreign ministry officials were sent to labour camps.

Other senior party members were sent to these labour camps, where people die. There is not much information available but it is known to be a death sentence being sent there. They beat and starve inmates for even the smallest offences. News coming out of North Korea is very difficult to confirm as they do not share any information with the outside world.