Mexico Deports 311 Indians Trying to Enter USA
The Times Of India
Oct 18, 2019

Mexico deports 311 Indians who illegally tried to sneak into the USA.

Getting a US visa is a very difficult. We all know that. There are many people who try to enter the US illegally from Mexico. Recently Donald Trump had warned Mexico to control the people from illegally crossing the US border. Mexico officials along with officials from the Indian Embassy arrested 311 Indians from different parts of Mexico.

Officials say that they had entered Mexico without proper documents. They were all trying to enter the US from the Mexico border. Mexican officials also said that each Indian must have paid Rs 25-30 lakh per person to illegally enter Mexico and then enter the USA. The 311 Indians have been put on a flight back to India. They reached on 18th October today. In June, Gurpreet Kaur a 6-year-old girl died in the Arizona Desert which is on the Mexico-USA border. Her mother had gone to search for water when was caught by the Mexican officials. They later found the dead body of the girl. The mother and child were trying to enter the USA illegally.