Nurse loses 22 Kg Due to COVID-19
Jul 27, 2020

Nurse Mike Schultz’s drastic transformation after getting infected with COVID-19 is proof of how the virus can destroy your body.

Nurse Mike Schultz (43) from San Francisco, USA  is a proof of how Covid – 19 can destroy your body. Mike Schultz was super fit before he was infected with Covid – 19. After six weeks of fighting with coronavirus, Mike is unrecognizable. Seeing the side by side photo of Mike compares how he was before the corona virus and after he was discharged from the hospital. It was mostly his muscles that were gone. He battled coronavirus induced pneumonia. He said that because of this he had lost 22.5 Kg weight. Mike said that earlier he used to work out for 6 to 7 days per week. Before the lockdown he had attended an event in Miami. 1 week after attending the event, he was hospitalized on 16th March. 

About 40 people from that event contracted the virus and 3 died. After arriving in Boston to meet his boyfriend in a few days Mike’s fever was 103 and he had difficulty in breathing. His lungs were filled with liquid so he was rushed to the hospital.When he finally woke up he was so weak he could not hold his mobile and his hands were shaking when he typed. He said, "I’ll get back to where I was in healthier ways this time." But that is not his priority right now. After the hospital, Mike's first meal was two cheeseburgers, small fries and a strawberry shake from McDonald's.