Make Or Break for Jet Airways, as Pilots Stop Flying
The Times Of India
Apr 15, 2019

15th April is an extremely crucial day for Jet Airways and could well decide whether the debt-ridden airlines formally closes down or continues flying.

Jet Airways 16,000 employees which include pilots, engineers and senior management were not paid their salaries from the month of January. 1,100 pilots belonging to the National Aviator’s Guild (NAG) has decided not to fly from 15th April 10:00 am onwards. The debt ridden carrier has a fleet of 124 aircraft, out of which only 5 are operational. The pilot’s strike will not have a major impact on the airlines.

Jet Airways top rival, Spicejet is making the most of this situation. Not long ago, many airlines including SpiceJet were luring the same employees with bonuses and better perks.Spicejet is now hiring engineers and pilots, who were earlier working for Jet Airways. They are hiring them at a very low pay. The pilots are being paid 25-30% and the engineers are being paid 50% less than their original salary in Jet Airways.

A senior aircraft maintenance engineer who applied to Spicejet, said that they earned Rs 4,00,000 a month at Jetairways. When he applied to Spicejet and Air India Express for job, they offered him only Rs 1,50,000 - Rs 2,00,000 a month.

State Bank of India will announce the number of parties interested in investing in Jet Airways on 15th April.

It is a very important day as the management will meet the lenders with a fresh request of Rs 1,500 crore, so that the airlines can continue working. The NAG has requested all the pilots to be present at Siroya centre in Mumbai, so that they can be united in their protest.