Indian Granaries are Overflowing Pose a Problem
The logical India
Oct 21, 2019

Food Corporation of India’s rice and wheat granaries are overflowing. Their request to deal with this situation will shock you. Watch the video for further details.

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) is an organization created and run by the Government. They are responsible for storing food such as wheat, rice, sugar etc and distributing the food all over the country. The FCI said that Rice & Wheat granaries of the FCI are overflowing. Over the years, collection of wheat and rice has increased, leading to an increase in stock with FCI. The Department of Food and Public Distribution has requested the Ministry of External Affairs to export the extra wheat and rice available with the FCI. They said that the extra grains can be given to other countries where there is a problem of food. 

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs & the Ministry of Food and Public Distribution requested had made the same request twice in the last two years.The is completely contradictory to India’s position on the World Hunger Index figures, which ranked India at 102.

According to the WHI,  India’s condition is very severe as people do not have food to eat. The WHI says that India’s situation is very dangerous. Now the government is thinking to sell or give away the grains so that the FCI does not have to spend money on storage or for transportation to different places. They said that if there is fresh wheat or rice they will have no place to store. This is why it is better to give to foreign country that can benefit from this. In India every street has at least one beggar or homeless person and on the other hand the granary is overflowing.