Hindus Help Muslim Girl Get Married in UP
Jan 13, 2020

A heartwarming story from UP will restore your faith in humanity and touch your heart. Watch the video to learn more about this.

The CAA protests are wreaking havoc in different parts of the country. With curfews and section 144 imposed all over to control the violence, Uttar Pradesh is one of the worst affected states in the country right now.In Kanpur, UP, one incident has shown the strong unity between Hindus & Muslims. Let me tell you about it. 

Zeenat Khan from Bakarganj was waiting for her groom Hasnain Farooquee from Pratapgarh to bring the baraat to her home. She was worried as a wedding was recently cancelled in the area, as the groom’s family refused to bring the baraat to the bride’s place because of the violent protests in the area. 

Zeenat’s paternal uncle received a phone call from the groom’s family who said they were scared to bring the baraat to Zeenat’s home as hours earlier on the same day two young men were killed in the protest.Zeenat had almost lost all her hopes. When Vimal Chapadiya, Zeenat’s neighbour heard about this problem he decided to help them. Vimal told Zeenat’s family to tell the groom’s family to call and make all arrangements for the baraat. Vimal decided that he and his friends would make sure the groom reached Zeenat’s house safely. Along with the groom there were 70 baratis in cars and a mini-bus. When the baraat reached Zeenat’s area, they all got down for their vehicles. As soon as they got down from their respective vehicles, Vimal and 50 of his friends formed a human chain to escort the baraatis to Zeenat’s home, which was a kilometer away.

All these people were neighbours of Zeenat and they were all Hindu. They all made sure the wedding went on smoothly and waited till the Bidaai as well.Vimal said, “I have seen Zeenat grow up. She is like my younger sister. How could I let her heart be broken? We are neighbors and I had to stand with the family in times of distress.”The incident truly restores our faith in love and humanity. We hope this inspires people to drop violence and choose peace and love instead!