Google Restricts Huawei's Use of Android
May 21, 2019

Google stops access to their services for Huawei on the order of the US government due to security concerns. They will lose access to app store and services

Google has removed access to their services from Huawei mobile phones under a new order from the Trump administration who have placed Huawei on the “entity list” which makes it illegal for american companies to trade with foriegn companies unless a special license is issued.

This new order from the US government will cause Google to stop supporting Huawei phones and remove the access to the Google Play Store and their own apps like YouTube, Maps and Gmail. In addition to stopping security updates and technical support, the use of the Android OS will not stop but the Google apps and services will stop.

Huawei has been in a battle with many countries around the world for issues like the installation of brand new 5G networks which governments around the world say is being used by the Chinese government. Honor phones which are sold in India is the sister company of Huawei but there have been no indications if these restrictions will affect that Honor phones.

Huawei have been in a battle with the USA for a while now, with there CFO Ms. Meng Wanzhou being arrested at the Canadian border on their behalf due to pending cases against her for defrauding 4 banks and trying to evade sanctions that were placed against Iran, she is awaiting extradition in Vancouver, Canada.