Dutee Bags Gold in 100m Sprint
The Times Of India
Jul 13, 2019

Indian athlete Dutee Chand has created history and become the first athlete to win a gold medal in a 100 meter sprint at a global level.

The Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy is an international multi-sport event. On 3rd July 2019, 23-year-old Dutee Chand from Odisha’s Chaka Gopalpur village became the first Indian ever to win gold in a 100 meter race. She completed the 100m race in 11.32 seconds. She was in the lead from start to finish. This is the first time an Indian has won a gold medal in a 100m race at a global level. She has made the country proud. 

Dutee has not had an easy life. Many questioned her gender due to her hormone levels as well. When she came out as Lesbian, there was a big controversy as well. She was the first sportsperson announce her sexuality. After she won the gold medal she Tweeted that, “Pull me down, I will come back stronger!” This Tweet was her way of answering all those who doubted her ability. 

Later while speaking to the media Dutee said that the Tweet was for her family, my elder sister and her mother who are against her relationship. She said that the medal will silence those who spoke badly about her and her partner. She said that everyone said her career was over. Her relationship with her family has not been good but now she has made history by winning a gold medal. This is all because she kept making the right decisions in heer career. 

Dutee said that her timings had improved because she is working hard and focusing on her speed.