Couple Married for 70 years Die Together
Oct 19, 2019

An emotional love story that withstood the test of time and remained strong till the end. Watch the video to learn more about this exceptional couple.

The most magical love stories do not take place only in movies. They take place in the lives of real-life couples as well who love each other a lot. Do not agree? Well then let me tell you a true story about a real couple.In 1940, Philadelphia, USA Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney first met on a blind date.That’s when they started dating each other. When they World War Started and America got involved in the war, Preble and Isabell both joined the army.

They took part in the army because they wanted to fight the war and defeat the [Box 04 Nazis in Germany. Isabell became a nurse and Preble became a US MarineThey were working in different places and did not meet each other for years. However, finally the war ended, they were reunited with each other and within 5 months they both got married. After they got married, Isabell and Preble had five children. Isabell raised them and was the head of the family as Preble made many career changes in his life.They lived a very happy life. They were married for 70 years. 

In 2013, the couple moved into a care facility Isabell was suffering from dementia. In that place both were placed in separate rooms. Butr isabell still remembered Preble. As his 96th birthday was getting close, Preble made a touching request. He requested to have one last nap with his wife.The workers made the necessary arrangements for the two to lie side by side for a few hours.Their daughter Laurie said that, not a single word spoken between the two of them. They held hands and just fell asleep. She told her father that,‘This is mom’s birthday present for you.’ He was just so happy that he got to take his nap with her.

A week later doctors said that Isabell would die soon. Her daughter Laurie and her husband went to meet her one last time. When they met Preble only held her hand after which she. Later on the same day Preble died as well. Preble and Isabell were born 14hours apart and they died 14 hours apart as well.

Laurie their daughter said that her parents' secret to a good married life was that if you make a commitment, even though life gets rough or there are problems, you must never give up. You should work to solve the issues and you live your life together with your partner.