China Improves Relationship with Bhutan, India Worried
The Times Of India
Feb 10, 2019

China is extremely eager to build diplomatic relations with Bhutan, which has made India worried.

China is eager to fill the diplomatic void in Bhutan. The communist country is extremely eager to build a friendly relationship with Bhutan. Chinese ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui recently visited Thimphu the capital of Bhutan, to further their cause.  

Bhutan exports hydropower to India. It is heavily dependant on India, as it accounts for 80% of their total trade. Bhutan’s Prime Minister PM Lotay Tshering from the DTP party, wants to reduce their dependence on India.

The Chinese were quick to gauge the situation and sent their representatives to strike when the iron was hot. This is the reason for India’s displeasure.

China and Bhutan share a border of 470 km, but both the countries always have territorial disputes. Earlier China’s Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou had also visited Thimpu. He tried to discuss the border issue and also Invited Bhutan to join the Belt and Road Initiative [BRI]. The BRI project was created by the Chinese government to increase the country’s trade with other European countries.

But many media reports suggest that, areas which India considers to be part of Bhutan are mostly controlled by Bhutan. India’s relationship with China has improved since the 2017 Doklam dispute.