China’s Guangzhou City Locked Down
Jun 6, 2021

China’s Guangzhou city has reported 20 new cases of the coronavirus and the entire city has been locked down.

China’s Guangzhou city has a population of nearly 15 million people. They have reported 20 new cases of the coronavirus in the past week. A notice by the Guangzhou municipal health bureau said five streets in Liwan district in the city are "high-risk areas". The entire city has been locked down as officials are trying to control an increase in the coronavirus cases. The city government has rushed to conduct mass testing and about 700,000 people have been tested. Residents have been ordered to stay indoors until door-to-door testing is completed. Markets, schools and entertainment venues in the area were shut. The total number of confirmed infections in China is approximately 91,061, and there have been about 4,636 deaths, according to the latest figures from the National Health Commission. The number is small compared with India’s thousands of daily cases but alarmed Chinese authorities who believed they had the disease under control.